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Product Description Price (AUD)  
Scorpion Flying Wing Kit $109.00
Drongo Plank Kit $135.00
MiG3 WW2 Combat fighter $125.00
Zipper Plank Kit 48" PW51 Airfoil $125.00


Zipper Plank Kit 60" PW51 Airfoil $125.00


Lost Model Alarm


Custom CNC Wing Cores Please ask us  

Please note: All prices are shown in Australian Dollars (AUD) and all plane kits have a $20.00 AUD shipping fee per kit. If ordering multiple kits, please contact us first to enquire on combined shipping.

International Orders: We will ship internationally, but please ask us before ordering, and we will provide you with postage costs for shipping to your country.

All orders are shipped from Sydney, Australia.