Vacuum Bagging


A quick, convenient, innovative method of sealing the nylon bagging tube. Eliminates the need for vacuum bagging tape, allows easy access and insertion of the wing into the bag and allows repeated usage of the bag tube. Available for the 18", 2 mil nylon bag tubes.

Quick Lock Seals: $24.00 (AUD) pair
Postage: $6.00 Australia wide

EZ-VAC BAG CONNECTOR                                                                                                

An all metal, threaded type connector that allows a convenient way to penetrate the nylon bag film or tube so that the vacuum hose can easily connected to the bag. Can be reinstalled when replacing bag tube. Has barbed end that accepts 1/4" neoprene tubing.


EZ-Vac Bag Connector: $20.00 (AUD)
Postage: $4.00 Australia wide



A high stretch bagging film for molding complex shapes,  in a convenient tube shape that requires only the ends to be sealed. Available in 18" wide.



Nylon Bagging Tube: $21.00 (AUD) per 3 mt
Postage: $6.00 Australia wide



The check valve is used to prevent the loss of vacuum in the bag when the pump is not operating. Install with arrow pointing toward direction of flow.


Check Valve: $14.00 (AUD)
Postage: $4.00 Australia wide